Hi, I'm Abigail Joy! Welcome! I'm so happy you took a moment to stop by my site. I am the undeserving recipient of salvation in Jesus Christ, who changes everything about my life and makes it possible to experience joy in even the most ordinary of things. I have been happily married to my love Andrew for twelve years, and we have four precious children ages nine down to two.

When he was eight weeks old, my third born, Silas, got RSV. He is almost five now, but he still deals with reactive airways as a repercussion. In 2021, I went looking for natural ways to support his body during illness, and I wasn't satisfied with the vapor rubs on the market. That's how Ordinary Joy Mama Vapor Rub was born. After a lot of research and reading about specific essential oils from various sources, I began making this rub. Andrew and I have seen such a helpful difference on all of our children as well as on ourselves, and I have heard from many mamas who are experiencing the same great results. My rub is a home remedy I am confident and excited about sharing with mamas everywhere. I've also expanded the shop to offer other natural items, using only quality ingredients that you can pronounce. My pride and joy is my tallow lip balm...but don't tell my lotion bars. ;)
It's always a good day when I can help someone else swap out a toxic household item for a natural one!