Vapor Rub Testimonials

Hearing from other happy mamas is our favorite thing. Thank you for sharing how much you love our products!

Below are testimonials for our Original Blend Vapor Rub. 

"My kids love it so much, even just the rubbing motion is so calming to them and now I know I have effective and amazing ingredients to use while applying it on multiple times while we were sick for over two weeks! Best balm ever!"
Tessa, Lynden, WA

"So I purchased this thinking it would be a bit healthier...What I didn’t know was that it would come the week my boys got sick and this product is a LIFESAVERMy severe sensory kid can’t tolerate regular chest rub, but he loves this. The smell of [another brand] makes him throw up, but Abigail’s product smells incredible and we just love it. Not to mention the fact that it really seems to help with the coughing. I’m not affiliated with Abigail in any way, just a very impressed and relieved mother. I’ll definitely be ordering again."
Amy, Souix Falls, SD

“Every time either of my kids starts to get stuffed up or has a cough it’s our go to....It works wonders. Love that the smell isn’t harsh or overpowering."
Bailey, Blaine, WA

"Can’t say enough great things about this vapor rub!!! We’ve been using it for quite a while now and it’s the first thing anyone in my family goes for when we feel sick!"
Christa, Lynden, WA

"My boys just through a week of croup/pink eye/ear infections…you name it! This rub was a lifesaver! It was effective in calming symptoms, I felt good about the ingredients and it smells great! Mamas, you need this for whatever nasty stuff is going around."
Alecia, Ferndale, WA

"This stuff has saved me the past couple nights of head and chest cold!"
Tabitha, Lynden, WA

"Tonight [my children] both asked for it before bed. It makes such a big difference. Thank you!"
Kara, Bellingham, WA