Vapor Rub | Original Blend
Vapor Rub | Original Blend
Vapor Rub | Original Blend
Vapor Rub | Original Blend

Vapor Rub | Original Blend

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The clean, effective, and kid-safe alternative to traditional chest rub.

Ordinary Joy Mama Vapor Rub is carefully crafted in small batches, using only organic unrefined shea butter and well-sourced essential oils that are properly diluted and kid-safe, so you can confidently use it on yourself and the people you love. With calming oils like fir needle and sweet orange, breathing it in feels like bundling up for a cozy walk in the woods. Applied to the chest, back, or feet, this rub eases chest and nasal congestion, supports immune function, and helps with a better night’s sleep when you’re under the weather, all without the harmful ingredients found in traditional chest rub. The calming motion of applying it also brings comfort to children at bedtime, providing you with a nontoxic and tangible way to care for your precious little ones. Chances are they’ll soon be asking for it every time they’ve got a sniffle!
✘ petrolatum
✘ artificial fragrances
✘ synthetic camphor
✓ properly diluted + child-safe oils
✓ non-toxic congestion relief
✓ natural immune support
1% dilution suggested use: ages 2+
2% dilution suggested use: ages 6+
6% dilution suggested use: ages 12+

Store in a cool place. Tin color and label design may vary. 

Ingredients: organic unrefined shea butter, sweet orange*, cedarwood*, fir needle*, cinnamon leaf* |  *Edens Garden essential oil

Directions for Use: Apply to the chest, back, or bottom of feet. If using essential oils for the first time, we recommend testing on a small area (such as the wrist) to check for sensitivity.

Disclaimer: Do not ingest. Keep away from eyes. Keep out of reach of children. Not intended to diagnose, cure, treat, or prevent disease. Product not reviewed by the FDA. Consult your doctor before using.

Visit our FAQs page to learn more.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Janel Kahrimani
Kids love it

My two year old asks for the vapo rub all the time. He knows that it makes him feel good. This seems to cut the amount of time my kids have colds in half and their symptoms by at least two thirds. I love that it is non toxic and works like a dream! I’m blessed to have very healthy kids, but when they are sick ai want to have the best on hand and in my opinion this is it. Oh, and I even got my husband using it!

Sarah Eschbach
Thank you!!

I love, love, love using this on my kiddos and I am so thankful that I can feel just as good about it as it makes them feel! Thank you for creating this!!

Love it!

My little ones and I love this vapor rub. We use this every time we have coughs and it brings relief and comfort. It has been grea

Inessa Solovey
Highly recommend!

I have been using Abigail's vapor rub since she started making it and am so thankful for this product. I've noticed many coughs diminish after a liberal application on the chest and feet. I really think it's one of the reasons my son wasn't hospitalized during a bout of RSV when he was 6 months old. I highly recommend adding to any mom's medicine cabinet.